Other API endpoints
Here are some other potentially useful endpoints you can use.

If you are given a textId and want to check its delivery status, send an HTTP GET request to https://textbelt.com/status/:textId.
For examepl, if you textId is 12345, go to https://textbelt.com/status/12345 in your browser or load it programmatically:
curl https://textbelt.com/status/12345
The response is a JSON object that contains a single status field. For example:
{"status": "DELIVERED"}
Possible return values include:
  • DELIVERED - Carrier has confirmed sending
  • SENT - Sent to carrier but confirmation receipt not available
  • SENDING - Queued or dispatched to carrier
  • FAILED - Not received
  • UNKNOWN - Could not determine status
Delivery statuses are not standardized between mobile carriers. Some carriers will report SMS as "delivered" when they attempt transmission to the handset while other carriers actually report delivery receipts from the handsets. Some carriers do not have a way of tracking delivery, so all their messages will be marked "SENT".

You may want to know how much quota or credit you have left on a key. You check this by sending an HTTP GET request to https://textbelt.com/quota/:key.
For example, if you key is abc123, just load https://textbelt.com/quota/abc123 in your browser or programmatically:
curl https://textbelt.com/quota/abc123
The response contains a JSON object with two attributes:
  • success: Whether or not we were able to look up this key
  • quotaRemaining: The amount of SMS credit remaining on this key
For example:
{"success": true, "quotaRemaining": 98}
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