How to set up Synology NAS SMS notifications

This page explains how to set up Synology NAS DSM 7.x SMS notifications using Textbelt.

  1. Create a Textbelt API key. Copy the key and save it.

  2. Open DSM and go to Control Panel

  3. Select the SMS tab

  4. Click "Enable SMS Notifications"

  5. Click "Add SMS Service Provider" and supply any name

  6. Add the following SMS URL, replacing ABC123 with your API key and supplying your phone number:

  7. Select GET as the HTTP method and click Next

  8. Click Next on the HTTP request header page (nothing to edit here)

  9. You will see on the left; key, phone, message. On the right use the drop down and select the correct category for each. Then click Done.

  10. Enter your API key and the phone number that will receive the text.

  11. Click "Send a Test SMS Message". That's it!

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