Textbelt is implementing changes in response to regulatory and compliance requirements. These changes are effective January 3rd, 2023.

Sender identification

A "sender name" is the name of the business, organization, or person you're representing when you send an SMS. Every SMS conversation must include the sender name.

If an SMS message does not contain your sender name the first time you message someone, the sender name will be automatically appended to your message.

There are two ways to set the sender name:

  • Account-wide: Set a default sender name by going to<your key>

  • Per-message: Set the sender parameter in your POST request.

Sender name is not appended if it appears elsewhere in your message, or if you are sending follow-up messages.

Sender name value is used strictly for compliance purposes. It does not override the "From" number for the SMS sender.


An "opt-out" is a way for the customer to block future SMS. Textbelt handles opt-outs automatically, but regulations require senders to include opt-out information in their SMS.

The standard form of opt-out is "Reply STOP to unsubscribe". This opt-out is appended automatically the first time you message a new user. It is not appended if "STOP" appears elsewhere in your message.


To opt back in, the recipient must send "START" in reply. There is no way to force the recipient to opt back in. Only the original recipient can opt-in.

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