I'm getting an error: "sslv3 alert handshake failure"

We don't support SSLv3 due to a security vulnerability:

You can force SSLv2 by using the --sslv2 flag with curl on most systems.

You can also just POST to, as opposed to https://. This will solve the problem, but traffic will not be encrypted (you might be ok with this for hobby projects because SMS is not secure to begin with).

Can I use Textbelt via Tor?

No, because of too much spam/abuse coming through Tor.

Can I use Textbelt with Postman?

Why isn't my VOIP number receiving SMS?

Unfortunately, Textbelt does not support sending SMS to VOIP numbers.

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The Sending & receiving messages section has more information on common questions, including questions like "Why did my SMS take 2 credits" and how to customize opt-out language.

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